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If you are going to visit a friend or loved one, it is important to note the visitation policies for the specific detention center you are going to. If you do not follow the policies and regulations, you will not be permitted to visit your loved one. Here is the Wake County Visiting Policy:

Wake County Detention Center Information:

Days & Hours

Visiting Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.: 4:00 p.m.- 6:45 p.m.

Visitation Days: Monday – Thursday 

**Please note that no visits are permitted on county holidays**

Call 919-857-9103 Monday – Thursday from the hours of 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to schedule and appointment.

Wake County Jail Rules, Regulations, and Policies

          • Inmates get 1 visit for 45 minutes every other week. During the time of the visit, each inmate can receive only 2 visitors (Adult + Adult) or (Adult +Child). If two people are visiting, both parties must be visiting at the same time.
          • If a visitor is under the age of 16, he or she must be accompanied by a person 18 years old or older.
          • All visits need to be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
          • When you go to visit an inmate, make sure you bring with you a photo ID. The ID will be presented and registered, and will then be held at the desk for the duration of the visit. Types of identification include the following: government issued ID cards, Passports, drivers license, etc.
          • You cannot bring things with you to the visitation. This means that money, messages, letters, packages, etc. will not be accepted during the visitation.
          • If a visitor attempts to bring contraband into the facility, they may be prosecuted. Also, visitors that violate facility rules risk losing their visitation privileges, whether suspended or terminated, by the Officer in Charge on duty.

Dress Code & Restrictions

          • All visitors must dress in accordance with the dress regulations.
            • Dress Regulations: The dress code is strictly enforced and a copy of the standards are found at the entry to the facility. **Shirts and shoes are mandatory.
            • Not Permitted: Halter tops, bare midriffs, strapless tops, tube tips, body suits, underwear, type tee-shirts, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, and dresses.
            • No fish net shirts, or any type of shirt or pants made with see-through fabric. These are not allowed to be worn by any visitor.
            • Bermuda shorts are allowed: shorts that are not more than 3 inches above knee cap.
            • No clothing with a picture or language that can be considered profane or offensive by current public or Wake County Sheriff’s Office Standards, or if it is gang related.
            • No wave caps, doo rags, or bandanas.
            • Pants must be worn above the waist.
            • Spandex clothing is prohibited.
          •  Visitors or inmates that are either disruptive or intoxicated will be denied visitation privileges.
          • When the visitation time is up, you must leave when the Detention Staff advises.
          • Visitors may not enter at any other areas of the facility.
          • All handbags, purses, cell phones, etc. must be stored away.
          • Only registered people by Officer are allowed to visit. If you refuse to give requested information, your visit may be denied.

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