Needing Out Of State Bail?

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Out Of State Bail Bonds

Bailing someone out of jail is a difficult process, especially when an arrest occurred out of state. The person being detained often has limited access to a phone and will be unable to make several phone calls to locate a bail bondsman. He or she will commonly need assistance finding out-of-state bondsmen.

Fortunately, out of state bail bonds are used very often in court systems. Once an out of state bondsman is contacted, the bail process can be handled quickly by a local bail bondsman who is located close to the jail of the arrested person. The local bail bondsman will understand local laws and bail processes in order to release the arrested person in a timely manner.

Determining the state’s bail process for the arrested individual can be challenging and time-consuming. Some of the laws can be hard to understand, especially when your priority is to have the arrested person released quickly. To save time, you might want to consider reaching out to a local bondsman in the county where the arrest occurred because local bail bondsmen can also assist with the important county-based laws and processes.

Local Bail Bondsman versus Bondsman Where The Arrest Occurred

An out-of-state bondsman may be suspicious of accepting business directly from someone who doesn’t live near them, because of the risk the bondsman will endure from accepting your business. Bail bond companies are accountable for the total amount of the bond. A no-show means the bail bond company will lose a lot of money.

That being said, an out-of-state bondsman may be comfortable working work with you if the arrested person meets one or more of the following criteria: he or she is not a flight risk, finance readily available, or if the charge the arrested person is facing is a misdemeanor. If the charge is more than a misdemeanor, bail will be set for a higher amount of money because the arrested person is more likely not to show up for court, making them a higher risk to bail bond companies.

While some local bail bondsmen will travel out of state to handle the bail an out of state bailout requires more paperwork than a local bailout. Mush of this paperwork’s purpose is to verify your identity as well as to ensure that you’re in a stable financial position to cover the full bail amount. More often than not, a local bondsman is your best choice even in arrests occurring out of state.


Transfer Bonds

Transfer bonds are often recommended when an arrest has occurred out of state, and bail is needed. Transfer bonds are unique because they are a collaborative effort among two bail bond companies to release the arrested individual from jail.

The way a Transfer Bond works is more simple than one might initially think. A local bail bondsman will communicate with another bail agent that works in the county where the arrest occurred.

The out of state bail bondsman is more likely to consider taking a transfer bond because he or she is not taking on the financial risk. The financial is solely the local bondsman There is financial gain for both bail bondmen to accept a transfer bond because there are additional fees charged to the client


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