Beth Chapman: National Bail Bonds President

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Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina
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Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina

Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina

Beth Chapman, the wife of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” (Duane Chapman), won her National Bail Bonds Association Presidential bid in February of 2016.

The National Bail Bonds Association

The National Bail Bonds association represents 15,000 bail bonds agents across America. Being in the field of bail bonds for over 30 years, it makes sense that she would be wanting this bid. Her biggest push is to fight jail reform, because she understands the repercussions and changes that would have to follow in the bail bonds industry.

The Big News in Bail Bonds

The same day that Beth received her bid, Ted W. Lieu introduced the “No Money Bail Act of 2016.” This act would change how the bail system works, where money would no longer be needed for pre-trial releases.

What Does Beth Want, as President of National Bail Bonds Association?

She was quoted by the Las Vegas Sun saying, “My plate is going to be full fighting that bill in Washington, D.C… I will fight – and fight it hard– to keep our profession going and growing.”

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