Turning Yourself In: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina
Should You Bail Someone Out Of Jail?
May 18, 2016
Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina
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July 18, 2016
Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina

Big Mike Bail Bonds Raleigh, North Carolina

Did you recently find out that there is a warrant out for your arrest? Maybe you missed the hearing because you never got the notification or something came up and you couldn’t make it to your court date. Whatever the reason, if there is a warrant out for your arrest there are a few things you should do before turning yourself in.

Is Hiring a Lawyer is a Good Idea?

When you are in legal trouble, generally it is a good idea to have legal representation. A Raleigh lawyer can walk you through the process, give you advice, and make sure that you know your rights. A lawyer will work to protect your rights while also take the steps to start mitigation as well as give you insight on how to prepare for court.

What Do I Need To Know About Turning Myself Into The Police?

There are a few things that you should find out before you turn yourself in.

  1. What Are You Being Charged For?
  2. What will the Bond Amount Be?
  3. What is the Maximum penalty under North Carolina Law?
  4. If you are under probation, will these charges violate your probation?

The amount of time spent in the pre-trial is mostly dependent on the severity of the charges against you. It also boils down to your ability to post bond, and No Bond holds that may be in place, and the staff schedules. By contacting a criminal defense attorney before turning yourself in, you should be able to find out the critical information and get most of your questions answered. From here, you will need to find a bondsman.

Getting Bonded Out of Jail After I Turn Myself In

If the bond amount is unreasonably high, your lawyer may be able to get it reduced through a bond reduction hearing. This is where your lawyer can present information to the court to argue why the bond amount should be lowered. Sometimes, you can get released from custody without ever needing a secured bond.

In North Carolina, sometimes your bond will be set by a district court judge, this is also known as a pre-set bond. If you have a pre-set bond, it will likely not reduced or overridden by a magistrate or other official.

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