Bail Bonds Basics

A Few Things to Know Before Cosigning for Bail Bonds
September 21, 2015
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November 10, 2015

Don’t trust Law & Order or NCIS as a source for all of your information regarding America’s court system. Just because you’re an avid crime-related television show watcher, doesn’t mean you know everything about the legal system.

If you aren’t 100% sure as to what bail bonds are and how they are used, here are a few key points that you’ll want to know before trying to bust yourself or a friend out of jail.

  • A bail bond is a payment that the defendant may be able to make to the court in order to leave jail until his or her time of trial. The payment is a way the court will ensure the accused will appear at any future court date.
  • In most cases, families or friends of the defendant cannot afford to pay the bail amount. This is when the need for a bail bondsman comes in. A bondsman, like Big Mike, will post the bail for the defendant after the family member of friend pays at least 5% of the fee as a down payment.
  • Once bail is posted, it can take minutes to 24 hours to get the person out of jail.
  • Those individuals who skip out on bail, meaning they fled the area without showing up for their court date, can cost their loved ones thousands of dollars.

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