Conditions of Release from Jail

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A judicial official such as the court magistrate is the one who determines under what conditions a person will be released from jail.

  1. The defendant may be released without bond on his or her written promise to appear in court.
  2. The defendant may be released by paying an unsecured appearance bond, the amount of which will be determined by the judicial official.
  3. The defendant may be placed in the custody of a person or organization that agrees to supervise them until the court date.
  4. The defendant may require an appearance bond in an amount determined by the judicial official which is secured by a cash deposit for the full amount of a bond or by a surety company.
  5. The defendant may be placed under house arrest with electronic monitoring.

Other items can be included in the conditions of release such as mandatory fingerprint or DNA samples, restrictions on travel, restrictions from certain people, restrictions on conduct, restrictions on drug/alcohol consumption, or even restrictions on where the defendant can stay.

When the judicial official is determining the conditions of release, they take into account the charges, evidence, family ties, employment, finances, character, mental condition, substance use, how long they have been in the community, prior convictions, and anything else that would make the defendant more of a flight risk or danger to others. The official will also tell the defendant of any penalties for violations, including immediate arrest upon any violation.

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